FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes)

Sponsor: Mrs. Rush

You don't have to play sports to be on our team. The FCA is a non-denominational student led organization that encourages students to be an athlete for God, developing a unified team of support for when peer pressure and stresses of school can sometimes cloud our view.

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes is a very active club at CHMS. This year we have begun a student led morning prayer group where children meet for about 10 minutes, take prayer requests and pray for each other. We are also a sponsor of the exciting 10 week WOW (Women of Worth) program that will be coming to CHMS beginning January 9. We hope to fill the place with many girls from Colonial Heights and the surrounding areas. The FCA will be initiating the collection of canned foods for a recent person in need who visits our school from time to time. Another outreach project in which our members will participate is with the Convalescent Home visitation. In December, we will hand out Christmas cards and sing carols to the residents. We are also collecting toiletry items, beanie babies, dolls, and stuffed animals to give away in our spring bingo games with the residents.

It is so exciting to see students working together is such a positive and rewarding way.