SADD Chapter

Welcome to the Colonial Heights Middle School SADD Club

All About SADD Club

What is SADD Club?

SADD stands for Students Against Destructive Decisions. We are a group of kids from Colonial Heights Middle School, a mixture of 6th, 7th, and 8th graders. Our officers for this year will be chosen soon, & our school's 6th and 7th grade guidance counselor is our sponser.

What does SADD Club do?

SADD Club does all kinds of things: we sponsor poster contests promoting a drug-free lifestyle, we count and pass out the red ribbons for Red Ribbon Week (Oct. 21 - 27 this year), we sponsor "Drug- Free Fun Days" such as "Drugs & I Don't Mix" as a day to wear mis-matched clothing, we do fun activities with the theme based on making good decisions, & many other things throughout the year.

What are some of the other activities SADD Club's sponsored?

We try to do different activities every year. For example, last year, we made bracelets with funny ways how to say "no" to drugs. If we caught you in the hall wearing your bracelet, you got a piece of candy. Also at our school Health Fair, we sponsored a booth for the best phrase promoting the choice to be drug, alcohol, & violence free. And if you found someone with the same way-to-say-"no" bracelet as you, you both got a piece of candy. We also do fun days like Grim Reaper Day, on which we show how many kids die each day from being hit by a drunk driver. (One person dies every 17 minutes.) To show this, we put on costumes to symbolize the Grim Reaper & entered a different classroom every 17 minutes. We would take one of the students out into the hall, give them a black armband to wear, & they were not aloud to speak the rest of the day.

SADD Meetings

The SADD Club Christmas Party is on Friday, December 13 in the art room until 3:30. Admission is something for the SCA's Sock, Soup, & Mittens tree. We hope to see you there!!

SADD Membership

We welcome any and all new members to our school's SADD Club. For any student who wants to join that goes to our middle school: just listen to the morning announcements for when the next SADD Club meeting is: there will always be announcements!! Just come to the meeting, and please try and bring in $2 as soon as you can: these are our dues. (Dues are used to help buy snacks and prizes and stuff.) It doesn't matter if you haven't come to the first few meetings; just start coming now!! =) SADD Club is great!!

SADD Officers

Vice President

SADD Red Ribbon Week

Red Ribbon Week has been observed throughout the country since 1988. Colonial Heights students will observe Red Ribbon Week October 21st - 27th. Students and faculty wear red ribbons throughout the week to show support for living drug-free. Coming soon: a list of restaurants helping us sponsor Red Ribbon Week by offering incentives to students who wear their red ribbons. Other activites during this week include: "Reading: The Anti-Drug" bookmarks will be available to CHMS students who check out a book from the library during Red Ribbon Week. Prizes will be awarded to students who receive specially marked bookmarks as well as for checking out the mystery book on drugs and their effects. Plans are also in the works for a "Tobacco is Wacko" teacher vs. student volleyball game! Watch for more details..... And don't forget: getting caught wearing your red ribbon at school might just win you a prize! (Don't forget that SADD Club counts and distributes the ribbons for this week and runs all the activites!)

SADD 3-D Month

3-D Month stands for Drunk and Drugged Driving Prevention Month (3 D's-- get it?). We observe this in December. Watch for more information as we get closer to 3-D Month!!! =)

SADD Drug & Alcohol Awareness Week

Drug & Alcohol Awareness Week is always in April. Check back for more information when we know which week!!