SADD Club (Students Against Destructive Decisions)

SADD Club (Students Against Destructive Decisions)

Welcome to SADD Club!  SADD stands for Students Against Destructive Decisions.  Years ago, SADD stood for Students Against Drunk Driving.  Our new name represents our expanded focus, which is helping middle school students make good decisions in all areas of their lives.  SADD Club is open to all CHMS students in grades six, seven and eight.  Annual dues (which are used to purchase snacks and drinks for our club meetings) are $2.

New Student Incentive Program

New this year, SADD Club is sponsoring a student incentive program designed to reward and encourage students for academic and behavioral improvement.  Each six weeks, SADD Club members choose the area of improvement they'd like to recognize and reward.  Our first awards were distributed following the third six weeks marking period to all students who improved a grade of F, D, or C in a core class at least one letter grade, without dropping any grades in other core classes.  Bags of candy were delivered to 69 students who met this grade improvement criteria.  The names of those 69 students were entered in a drawing for two cash prizes of $15 each.

For the fourth six weeks, SADD Club chose to reward students who had perfect attendance for the entire marking period.  In addition, students who had previously earned time in ALC (in-school suspension) but who stayed out of ALC during the fourth six weeks were also rewarded.  134 bags of Skittles were delivered to qualifying students after fourth six weeks report cards were distributed.  Two winners drawn from all the awardees won a cash prize of $15 each.

The fifth six weeks incentive will be again awarded to students who improve their grade in at least one core class from an F, D, or C, without dropping any grades in other core classes.  Work now to qualify!