CHMS Teacher Publishes Book


Congratulation to Mrs. Judy Bull, 6th Grade Reading Teacher at CHMS.  Mrs. Bull has been working on her book, Zeke and Moses, for several  years.  Along with the book, Mrs. Bull has written a teaching guide which includes student worksheets and discussion.  It is geared to middle school students.

Book Summary:

"The revolution had been part of discussions at the dinner table for as long as Zeke Meador could remember. Now it seemed to be moving closer to his home in central Virginia. But what did he care? He was just sick and tired of hearing about it and wished it would be over. At least he meets a new friend, Moses, who feels the same way he does. Together they share a bit of excitement in spite of the fact that the British seem to be winning most of the battles.

In the meantime, Zeke comes face to face with evil in the world not from just enemy soldiers, but from ordinary people. He also comes to realize that true freedom may never be
possible in his world."

For further information on Mrs. Bulls book, you are invited to go to her website:

Mrs. Bull's book will be on sale at local signings in the near future.