Cafeteria Information

Meal Prices and Menus

2017-2018 Meal Prices
 Paid Breakfast  - $1.55
 Reduced price Breakfast  - $0.30
 Paid Lunch - $2.65
 Reduced price lunch - $0.40
 Milk - $0.60
Limited menu for the rest of the school year due to construction.
due to construction. 
(Until the Cafeteria construction starts)
  All checks for Lunch/Breakfast purchases should be made out to:
Colonial Heights City School Cafe Fund
Aaron Robertson - Food Service Director
Tiffany Brooks - Food Service Administrator -- (804) 524-3405 ext 129

Free and Reduced Lunch Applications

To apply for free or reduced price meals, complete one application for ALL children in the household who are enrolled in Colonial Heights Public Schools.  Sign the application and return the application to any school in the school division. It may take up to 10 days for your application to be processed; during that time parents are responsible for purchasing meals. Parents are informed directly by Food Services if a child will receive free or reduced price meals.

Free and Reduced Lunch Application for 2017-2018

Instructions for Free and Reduced Online Application

Letter to Households 2017-2018

Parents may use our online application system for Free and Reduced Lunch benefits - now ready for the 2017-2018 school year.  Visit the website below to get started.  It's quick, easy, and secure.


MySchoolBucks Online Lunch Money

MySchoolBucks allows you to access your student's lunch account, deposit funds and conveniently and securely maintain your family's school-time budget and spending.


My SchoolBucks Tips


Cafeteria Modified Meal Program

Secondary: (Middle/High School) 
  • When a Paying Student's Account has reached a negative amount of $5.10, that student will be served a qualifying, modified breakfast meal of (Graham Crackers a fruit and a milk) and the qualifying, modified lunch meal (Cheese Sandwich, a fruit and a milk).
  • When a Reduced Meal Student's Account has reached a negative amount of $1.20 that student will be served a qualifying, modified breakfast meal of (Graham Crackers a fruit and a milk) and the qualifying, modified lunch meal ( Cheese Sandwich a fruit and a milk).

The breakfast and lunch meals will continue to be available to the student until payment is paid on the students account.

Food Service Office – Frequently Asked Questions

For any questions not covered here, contact the Food Service Office at 804-524-3453.

I may qualify for free or reduced lunch. How do I apply?

Free & Reduced Meal applications are available in the schools, in the food service office and online.  The applications will also be distributed to each student in their back to school packet. If you receive SNAP or TANF, your child will be eligible for free meals.

Do I have to complete a new application each school year?

Yes!  The program requires that each school year a new application be filled out. If you receive SNAP or TANF you must complete a new application and provide the active SNAP or TANF number.  If you have more than one child enrolled in school, then only one application is needed for all children within the household.

How can I notify you if my child has food allergies and/or I would like to limit their ability to make purchases?

If your child has a food allergy, or you would like to limit their ability to make purchases, there are two ways to provide us that information. 1) Complete the Food Allergy/Parental Limitation statement, 2) Contact the food service office to provide the information.

How can I monitor my child’s meal account?

We encourage parents to take advantage of our popular pre-payment and meal account monitoring service, Using this resource parents are able to pay and replenish their child’s meal account via a secure web portal.  You are also able to check your child’s account for purchases and payments.

I would like to send in a check for my child’s meal account. Where does it get sent?

Checks should be made payable to your child’s school and given to the cafeteria cashier.

I forgot to give my child money for their meal account. Will they be able to eat?

We understand that students may forget their meal money. As a courtesy, we allow a limited amount of charges so students in these situations still have the opportunity to eat. The account balance is due the following day. The limits will vary based on your child’s meal status. Students who do not pay the negative balance will not be eligible to charge until their account is re-paid, and will receive a modified breakfast of graham crackers, a fruit and a milk and/or a modified lunch of a whole wheat cheese sandwich, a fruit and a milk at no charge until the account is brought current.


This institution is an equal opportunity provider.