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Home Work Helper (For Students)


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Try these links below and see if helps you complete your homework!

A collaboration of tools and links all in one place!
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Art, Music and English
For homework help with art, music and English classes, I'd go with Discovery television's Homework Helper site. Kids can look up biographies, theories and actual examples. Colorful, well-arranged and deep, your kids will find just about everything they will need. Plus, other school topics are explored, as well.
Geography, History and Science
What better source than the magazine that has awakened our awareness since 1888? The National Geographic Homework Help site supplies pictures, articles and maps. These integrate nicely with school reports and class presentations. Kids can use the Publications Index to narrow their sources while broadening their bibliography.
What can I say--math came easy to me in school. But judging from some of my squirming classmates, a little guidance may be in order. Too bad my old schoolmates didn't have the Math Homework Help site . They could have learned everything from adding fractions to demystifying the Pythagorean Theorem.

Social Studies
Many sites deal with social issues, but not many are designed for kids using the Internet. Here, kindergarteners to high school seniors can find information from family life to society and culture. Younger kids will appreciate the Subject Themes sidebar. Pick a report topic--say, dinosaurs--and click it. Relevant links to pictures, maps and content are then compiled and displayed on one page.
Don't let the simple home page fool you. Homework Help @ the Library is loaded with links to online databases, encyclopedias and Web sites. Homework help is available in art, English, health, math, science and social studies. The Creating a Bibliography topic is helpful, as are the practice entrance exams under Study Sites. My favorite part is the link, Click here to chat with a live librarian.